Is Savage Arms Jumping Into The Micro Compact Pistol Market? Yes, And Here Are The Details

Image courtesy Savage Arms.

If you’ve been paying attention to the firearms world at all for the past few years, then, you know that the microcompact pistol market has exploded. Everything from Springfield Armory’s Hellcat, Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Shield Plus, and, of course, Sig Sauer’s P365, along with many other manufacturers and models, have all worked hard to satisfy the explosion in demand for this firearm category.

Now, Savage Arms has thrown their hat into this ring, too, with their pistol called the Stance. The staff at the NRA’s American Rifleman give us the details:

Savage Arms announced a new line of handguns made specifically for concealed carry and self defense, the Stance. As the first line of purpose-built compact pistols made by the company in more than a century, the Stance is a micro-compact, polymer-frame, striker-fired handgun line chambered in 9 mm and offered with several features right out of the gate.

Similar to the SIG Sauer 320 line of handguns, the Savage Arms Stance uses a detachable metal chassis as the serialized component of the pistol. 

The American Rifleman Staff continue:

The slide of the Stance is made from stainless steel, and treated with a Melonite finish for corrosion resistance. Inside the slide rides the 3.2” barrel, which is also made from stainless steel. The slide features wide slide serrations at the front and back, with the serrations on the front being ported for increased purchase. On top of the slide, the Stance has functional front and rear iron sights, with the rear sight having a rounded back face to reduce the chances of a snag when drawing from a holster.

The Stance comes with eight and ten round magazines, so, it doesn’t have the capacity of some pistols in this class, though, if Springfield Armory’s XD series are any indication, it may still appeal to many pistol buyers.

So, if you’re in the market for a microcompact pistol, and the higher capacity of a Hellcat, for example, is not one of the main things that you’re looking for, the Savage Arms Stance may be one to consider.

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