This May Be The STRANGEST Rifle That You Ever See

Image courtesy Kugs.CH.

I’ll admit it. I’m the guy who doesn’t mind trying different things just because they’re different. Granted, that causes my wife to shake her head about me sometimes when we go out for dinner because I’ll try whatever oddball special they have (if it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). So, knowing this about me me explain one of the reasons that a new rifle coming out from a Swiss firearms manufacturer appeals to me.

That manufacturer, KUGS, is calling this new rifle the Fatboy Rifle. If you’re like me, when you think of a Fatboy, you immediately think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I don’t know if that’s where they took the name from, but the rifle itself is an interesting rifle designed for long and ultra long shooting distances. A writer going by Hirachya H gives us details about this rifle:

The KUGS Fatboy rifle has an extremely simple and quite a strong design that will be available in a variety of calibers up to and including the .50 BMG. The action is locked via a laterally sliding breech block – similar to an artillery piece. The free-floated barrels are almost completely threaded externally to allow installing barrel harmonics tuning nuts. The barrels are also user-removable for ease of transportation and caliber changes. The lower receiver / trigger housing is made of 6061 aluminum. The stock consists of a pair of steel tubes and a composite buttplate. The LOP is not quick adjustable but it can be changed using different-length stock tubes. The overall weight of the configuration shown in the pictures (chambered in 7.5x55mm, with a 720mm (28.34″) bull barrel), is 3.450kg (7.6 lbs).

You can see an image of the Fatboy Rifle at the top of this article.

Now, if you’re a purely practical firearms buyer, then, the Fatboy Rifle may not be right for you. After all, reloading after every shot isn’t the most convenient situation when they are many other options available, now. Having said that, if you want something a bit different and you don’t mind laying out the cash for a fun gun, then, the KUGS Fatboy Rifle may be one to consider.

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