Is This ‘Hand-Cannon’ What You Want In A ‘Hunting Handgun?’

Have you ever wanted a pistol that was big enough to use as a club against someone that is still effective as a firearm?

You have? Great, because, if you’re not aware of it, there is a pistol that is that massive and that useful as a hog hunting pistol.

The firearm that we’re talking about is the Taurus Raging Hunter, and this big pistol is chambered in a way that can do some damage. Jim Grant writes,

Have you ever wanted to own a gun powerful enough to slay bears in a single shot, yet still capable of firing soft-shooting (relatively) inexpensive rounds? The Taurus Raging Hunter is exactly that, and more.

My fascination with the big-bore Taurus began back in the late 90s; I saw it grace the pages of several gun rags in airports and bookstores, and it just looked so different from Smith & Wesson’s .44 Magnum. And while that gun looks pretty cool, it was the recent introduction of the Raging Hunter variant of the revolver that really piqued my interest – especially in the absurdly powerful .454 Casull.  But make no mistake, this Taurus wheel-gun is more than just a hand-cannon, it has some very interesting features and design choices that make it a potent hunting handgun.

The Raging Hunter is a double/single-action revolver chambered in the punishingly potent .454 Casull. Due to the round’s massive size, the Raging Hunter’s huge cylinder can only hold five rounds of ammo. The good news is that nothing on planet Earth should be able to survive a single round, let alone all five.

Truly, this is a pistol that, while not exactly a concealable pistol that most people would use for everyday carry (see the image above), it can do the job for hog hunting or to use on a farm, for example, in order to protect livestock. So, it is a realistic carrying pistol for certain situations.

But if you’re looking for a “Dirty Harry” size gun that will terrify your anti-2A neighbor, the Taurus Raging Hunter will do that for you, too.

So, if you have a need (or want) for those types of purposes, this may be a revolver for you to consider.

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