Is This Glock ‘Clone’ BETTER Than A Glock?

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In the world of pistols, the name Glock has reached legendary status. Glock has come to mean “quality right out of the box” in many people’s minds, so, they don’t want to change a thing.

Other people, though, like the idea of taken a tried and true platform like Glock and improving on it if they can.

And that’s exactly what one manufacturer has been trying to do with a recent model.

Now, in case you aren’t familiar with them, BUL Armory is an Israeli company that is known for focusing on building 1911 clones and clones of a few other classic designs. Now, though, with the expiration of the Glock Gen 3 patents, they’ve decided to put their talents towards those, too, but with a twist, it seems. Graham Baates writes,

The BUL Armory Axe C Tomahawk is of course a bit flashy, but everything seems to have been done with good reason behind it, not just to look good.

Baates continues:

Other enhancements can be summed up by one word, “ergonomics.” The entire frame and slide have been shaped and textured for the human hand. From intelligent grip texturing, to contours on the trigger guard, the BUL Armory Axe C Tomahawk is shaped so the gun works with what the human hand is trying to do rather than obstruct it.

Everywhere you look, the BUL Armory Axe C Tomahawk has an enhancement. 

Baates obviously likes this pistol, even though, he admits that the price is above what he would normally want to spend on a pistol (he chalks that up to Israeli labor not being inexpensive).

Maybe that price point is within your budget, and if you’re looking for something a bit flashier that has modifications from the Glock design that have some advantages (at least, in some people’s minds) then, the BUL Armory Axe C Tomahawk may be a pistol to consider.

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