Home Survival & Prepping Why You Want To Buy This Survival Radio BEFORE September 30, 2019

Why You Want To Buy This Survival Radio BEFORE September 30, 2019

Why You Want To Buy This Survival Radio BEFORE September 30, 2019

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When it comes to practically any type of survival situation, communication is vital.

Whether you find yourself in a blackout or some other type of emergency such as a hurricane, earthquake or wild fires – many times the communication networks we all rely on are down.

That means no cell phones and probably no land lines…

Of course, the worst case scenario is a “total “grid down” SHTF situation”. The end of the world as we know it would certainly include the failure of the cell and landline infrastructure…

Why A Two-Way Radio Is Great For Survival Communication

When it comes to communications, I’m really ignorant… so, I take the advice of people I know and trust about this type of stuff.

One of those people is former CIA officer Jason Hanson. Before becoming a CIA officer, he was an Eagle Scout too – which means he has probably forgotten more about survival and “being prepared” than I’ll ever know.

Jason was one of the people who convinced me I should get a Sat phone. I’ve talked about why you should consider a satellite phone and the one I use and recommend.

More recently, I’ve seen Jason recommend a particular brand of radios too. Here’s what he said:

“Now, I think a two-way radio is the best option since you can give these to each family member and communicate in real time no matter what the conditions are outside.

The drawback to a SAT phone is that they aren’t always reliable and you need to have a clear view of the sky.

But, if you can afford it, I’d still recommend getting both.

One of my favorite radios is the Baofeng UV-5R, which sells for about $35 on Amazon… “

When I realized you could get a proven survival radio for less than $30 bucks, I immediately went and ordered one.

The #1 Survival Radio That Won’t Break The Bank

Jason recommends the Baofeng UV-5R radio and for good reason. It appears to be a good radio for the very affordable price of less than $30 at time of publishing. (Heck, Amazon lists over 3,543 reviews with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating!)

If you’re thinking “that’s cool, but I’ll do it later”… that may not be the best idea.

Why You Want To Buy This Survival Radio Before September 30, 2019

To be honest, I have been putting off getting a radio, but here’s something really interesting Jason recently told me about…

“You see, on September 30th, 2019, courtesy of the FCC, it will become illegal to sell radios such as this one that operate in the FRS radio band.

In other words, manufacturers will have to stop selling these radios or somehow block out the FRS band.

To be clear, any that are legally owned on or before September 30th will effectively become “grandfathered” in.

But going forward, the FCC doesn’t want non-licensed individuals to own radios that can transmit in both licensed bands and unlicensed bands.

If I were you, I would buy a few Baofeng UV-5R radios while they are still available and affordable.

Right now, you can buy five Baofeng UV-5R radios for $115 on Amazon, which breaks down to only $23 per radio.

This way, you will have one for each family member or have a backup in case of an emergency.

The longer you wait, the more you will pay for these survival radios, which is why I personally own over 10 of them.”

I figured if Jason owns 10 of these personally, then they must be good.

And like he said, the price can’t be beat.

I highly recommended these radios. If you have some other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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