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Yes, This Works Even In California

Yes, This Works Even In California

One of the more ludicrous ideas that anti-gunners have is the idea that banning guns will somehow both reduce crime and make the world safer.

It just isn’t so.

Just take a look at gun control havens like Chicago and Baltimore. Violent crime is over the top, but legal gun ownership is very low.

Notice that I said “legal gun ownership” because most criminals get guns, and they don’t get them through legal means.

That being said, having a gun for self-protection works even in gun control “paradises” like those cities. Yes, even in California. Jack Phillips writes,

The victim of a recent robbery attempt in Los Angeles opened fire, hitting two suspects, according to video footage and the Los Angeles Police Department.

A man with a shopping bag and two women are seen standing in a parking area near Melrose and Vista Street when a light-colored sedan pulls up near them. Two men then get out of the car, exchange words, and one of them then pulls a gun, according to the footage.

The male would-be robbery victim then draws his own weapon and opens fire while running backward. The shots send people running in different directions while the car drives away.

You won’t be surprised to learn that both suspects in the robbery were on parole when the attempted robbery happened.

The brazenness of the would-be robbers is extraordinary. The situation occurred in broad daylight with a witness besides the intended robbery victim. It’s insane.

Yet, you can bet that anti-gunners in California (and other places, too) will use situations exactly like this to try to justify even stricter gun control laws. Those anti-gunners will just conveniently (and dishonestly) leave out the fact that the intended target for the robbery was able to save his own skin because he had a firearm on his person which he could use for that purpose.

I’ll say it again: Yes, defensive gun use works, even in California. But that just wouldn’t fit their narrative, would it?


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