Home Reviews This Bushmaster Rifle Is Guaranteed To TERRIFY Your Anti-Gun Neighbors

This Bushmaster Rifle Is Guaranteed To TERRIFY Your Anti-Gun Neighbors

This Bushmaster Rifle Is Guaranteed To TERRIFY Your Anti-Gun Neighbors

Image courtesy Bushmaster Firearms.

I’m not suggesting that you show your guns to your anti-gun neighbor. It could be antagonistic to them (which would just be mean) and could be illegal in your area depending on the circumstances around which you do it.

Having said that, though, there is a certain “perverse” glee in imagining watching an anti-gunner squirm just because they see a firearm that they consider to be terrifying purely based on the way that it looks.

And, if you’re looking to make an anti-gunner squirm, then, believe me, the 450 Bushmaster by Bushmaster Firearms will definitely terrify your anti-gun neighbors as they run from your presence upon seeing what they think is a military assault rifle. Just because it “looks scary.”

While you can see what the 450 Bushmaster looks like in all of its “scary” glory above, here are some of the details about the firearm from the Bushmaster Firearms press release:

Bushmaster Firearms (TM) is thrilled to announce the launch of our new 450 Bushmaster (TM) Rifle.

The new 450 Bushmaster (TM) features type III hard coat anodizing, our M-LOK (R) 14″ free float rail, and the Snake Charmer (TM) muzzle brake.

We have designed our 450 Bushmaster (TM) to significantly reduce felt recoil. The 450 Bushmaster (TM) is ready to handle all hunts for deer, bear, and boar. This lighter-weight rifle makes a great choice for all hunters.

It will be available with our DM2S (TM) 2 stage trigger. The MSRP is $1329.99.

So, to be clear to any anti-gunner who reads this, this rifle is designed with hunting in mind (which means that animal rights activists will still hate it) and not for any scary military purposes.

A writer going by Luke C gives us a few more details about this rifle:

The rifle will also come with a genuine Bushmaster 5-round magazine which keeps the rifle ready for follow-up shots but also won’t cause feeding issues or generate excess weight as with larger capacity magazines. The combination of the traditional stock with the Snake Charmer muzzle brake should make this a winning combo for the high-recoil round.

Luke C also notes that this rifle is “built exclusively around the 450 Bushmaster round” which “is a straight-walled 45 caliber rifle cartridge featuring a rebated rim and intended for use in the AR-15 platform with little more than a barrel and bolt change.”

All this to say, if you’re looking for a rifle to handle your hunting needs (unless you’re hunting squirrel or birds) and you want the added benefit of being sure that your anti-gun neighbor won’t touch it because they would wet themselves on seeing it, then, the 450 Bushmaster rifle may be a firearm to consider for your next firearm purchase.


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