Is This The Most Concealable Pistol Ever?

Image courtesy Ideal Conceal.

One of the important factors about carrying concealed is, of course, the concealability of the firearm. If you’re carrying concealed, you want to make sure that the gun isn’t seen (or, at least, that the gun isn’t noticed and identified as a weapon), so, many firearms owners go to extra lengths to try to make sure that their firearm is hidden.

Maybe the gun owner will wear a jacket, or they’ll carry their firearm in an in-waistband holster. Others may use an ankle holster or a shoulder holster under their jacket. Others will carry a pocket pistol hidden in (you guessed it) their pocket.

And, of course, the firearm can’t be too large, or it will be recognized as a firearm. This is why you won’t usually see people, except, maybe, taller than average people, trying to carry a 1911 as a concealed firearm. It’s too obvious on a smaller-framed person.

But what if there were a firearm that didn’t look like a firearm so that it could be easily kept on your person without anyone noticing?

That’s what Ideal Conceal has tried to do with their new firearm. AWR Hawkins writes,

Ideal Conceal’s latest self-defense venture is a totally concealable, two-shot 9mm pistol that looks like a smartphone.

Hawkins continues:

We noted [in a review of Ideal Conceal’s .380 smartphone pistol] that the main difference between Kjellberg’s pistol and a smartphone is that the former fires two rounds for self-defense while the latter only allows you to dial 911 after you have been attacked.

Again, from Hawkins:

Kiellberg’s pistol has been upgraded to 9mm, and while the .380 smartphone pistol was only available in black, the 9mm is available with an American flag design or the Back the Blue police flag.

The smartphone 9mm pistol deploys identically to the .380: just pull down the handle and it is ready to go. Pull the trigger once and the pistol fires a single round of 9mm. Pull the trigger again and the second round is fired.

Hawkins also noted that the smartphone pistol was consistently accurate at distances of 15 yards or less which is the distance in which most self-defense shootings occur anyway.

So, if you’re not sure what holster to use or are in a situation in which a holster is not practical, or if you just want something concealable in plain sight, Ideal Conceal’s smartphone pistol may be a firearm to consider.

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