Home News We Knew All Along That Anti-2A People Were Going To Do This

We Knew All Along That Anti-2A People Were Going To Do This

We Knew All Along That Anti-2A People Were Going To Do This

Anti-2A people are predictable.

Now, that wouldn’t necessarily be bad if they were predictably on-time to appointments, if they predictably paid their bills on time, or if they were predictably rational. But we’re not talking about any of those things (and anti-2A people are certainly not rational).

No, anti-2A people, despite their common protests that they aren’t trying to take our guns and that they only want “common sense” gun laws, aren’t being honest about their intentions. Not at all.

But some anti-2A people have finally admitted (in so many words) what we knew they were going to try to go for all along. Cody J. Wisniewski writes,

In the wake of the recent shootout in Sacramento — now thought to be a gang battle involving at least five shooters — gun-control zealots are determined to take away the people’s rights and give them more of what doesn’t work.

California has more gun laws than any other, yet state lawmakers are still exploring new ways to disarm peaceable residents and leave them at the mercy of criminals. Meanwhile, President Biden has already taken advantage of the tragedy, calling on Congress to pass the same laws that didn’t stop the carnage in California.

So, anti-2A crazies in politics in California are trying to push more gun control, to further restrict the gun rights of peaceful, law-abiding citizens, to work towards completely stripping the 2nd Amendment rights of anyone in California.

That’s their goal. That’s always been their goal: total gun confiscation.

The problem with this thinking is that, beyond the fact that it violates the Constitution (2nd Amendment), stripping Americans of gun rights would mean that only the government and people who completely disregard the law (we call those people criminals) would have guns.

Yet, again, anti-2A people are blaming legal gun owners for the actions of criminals, who often aren’t legally allowed to own a firearm anyway. But, obviously, more gun control isn’t going to restrict the actions of criminals. Quite the opposite.

So, why do anti-2A people keep trying to take away Americans’s gun rights? They’re either ignorant of the reality or making people safer isn’t really the issue, control is.


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