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Should You Choose This 40 Year Old Pistol Design As Your Everyday Carry?

Should You Choose This 40 Year Old Pistol Design As Your Everyday Carry?

There’s an interesting aspect to human nature that causes many people (maybe most) to value newness over tried and true in some areas of life.

Certainly, there are exceptions to that rule. After all, you have that friend who would rather drive his 1968 electric blue Ford Mustang (though, you have to admit that it does look good in that color) than his wife’s brand new Toyota Camry even though the Camry is newer and has all of the bells and whistles.

But when it comes to something that you have in order to save a life (yours or other people’s), do you want the newest and flashiest or do you want what is reliable, dependable, and does the job consistently?

I know which of those options that I prefer in my everyday carry firearm, and there certainly seem to be quite a few firearms enthusiasts who feel the same way: They want to know that the gun can do the job if you find yourself in that incredibly rare and horrible situation in which you have to use it.

Now, it can be argued that several models by several manufacturers meet that qualification, and it’s common to see manufacturers issue new models which are, basically, variations on tried and true designs. For example, the popular Canik TP9 Elite SC has been called a “clone” of a Walther P99. And several pistol models out there are said to be clones of one particular manufacturer who has a reputation for reliability: Glock.

So, should you consider a forty year old gun design like the Glock 17 for your everyday carry?

Well, consider what Kenzie Fitzpatrick has to say in a review of the Glock 17. Fitzpatrick writes,

The Glock 17 was my very first handgun and one I still cherish today. It was my first 3 Gun competition handgun, the first handgun I shot in a GSSF match, and my first home defense gun and travel gun.

I have shot probably over 100,000 rounds through my Glock 17 and loved it so much that I bought a second one that I tricked out for competitions. If you want a reliable handgun for concealed carry, competition, home defense, or just to learn how to shoot, you can’t go wrong with a Glock 17.

100,000 rounds is hard to argue with.

There are lot of great pistols out there from a lot of great manufacturers, and if you’re looking for one especially for the reliability, it may be worth considering if a Glock 17 is the right choice for you even if the design is 40 years old.


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