How DIRTY HARRY Carves A Pumpkin… And How You Can, Too [Video]

Clint Eastwood’s iconic character, “Dirty” Harry Callahan, was the stereotype of the tough, “take no crap” police officer. Many Americans, even when the Dirty Harry movies came out years ago, had no tolerance for how evil some criminals could be with their love of violence for no good reason.

Americans loved Dirty Harry because, in the movies, he got away with giving criminals a taste of their own violence back at them which is not something that a civil society will tolerate. Dirty Harry, even though fictional, became a kind of folk hero to many Americans.

But even Dirty Harry had to have some downtime, didn’t he? What did he do on his time off from taking down criminal punks (do you feel lucky?)? Obviously, we don’t know, but we can certainly speculate.

One idea that you may not have thought of is that Dirty Harry used his scary .44 Magnum revolver to make folk art. Now, before you scoff too much, hear me out. Maybe Dirty Harry had a secret love of a specific type of sculpture, the kind that many Americans participate in towards Halloween every year: pumpkin carving.

Think that’s too ridiculous? I can understand that. But, then, I saw Bud Hickok use the Dirty Harry .44 Magnum to do just that. You can see it below.

Now, if you thought that was fun (I certainly did), then, you may appreciate a few more videos that he’s done over the years doing pumpkin carving with different firearms. In the videos below, you can see him carving pumpkins using a Desert Eagle, a Glock 19, an Uzi, and an AK-47.

Needless to say, this isn’t something that you should try at home unless you can be sure that no stray shots will injure anyone or damage anything that shouldn’t be damaged.

Having said that, chances are that you have a firearm similar enough to a Desert Eagle or a Glock 19 to be able to do this kind of thing on your own if you have some land where you can safely shoot. If you do, then, maybe these videos will give you some fun ideas about how to spend this weekend leading up to Halloween.

With that in mind, may your pumpkin carving adventures be both safe and fun for everyone (except the pumpkin, of course).

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