Home News Lawyer: New ATF Rule Is A TRAP For You [Video]

Lawyer: New ATF Rule Is A TRAP For You [Video]

Lawyer: New ATF Rule Is A TRAP For You [Video]

Screen capture from YouTube video.

What do you call it when a hunter sets up a situation so that their prey is easily captured? You call it setting a trap. That’s a commonsense answer that most kids know and understand.

Many people, even adults, don’t know that traps exist outside of the hunting world, too. See, people set traps for all kinds of situations and things.

Here’s the thing: many (maybe most) of the traps that people have to deal with when they aren’t hunting out in the wild have to do with legal situations. For many people, what will come to mind is law enforcement trying to trap someone into doing something illegal so that they can, then, catch the law breaker (that they set up in the first place).

Here’s what is disturbing: a lawyer reviewed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’s (ATF) new rule banning pistol braces, and they found that the situation, whether intentionally done or not, is a trap for law-abiding Americans. You won’t believe how sneaky it is. You can watch the video below.

Did you watch all twelve minutes of that video? If intentionally done, this is one of the most devious things that the Biden administration has ever done.

If you have a pistol brace and you comply with their rule, then, you’re telling the ATF that you have a short barrel rifle that you have to have permission to have and that you don’t have permission to have it. In other words, you’re telling them that you’re guilty.

Then, because of the permit processing backlog, your application is certain to time out and be denied, making you a criminal for being in possession of that firearm without their permission.

Biden’s ATF has set up who knows how many Americans to automatically be branded criminals.

That action on their part could be considered criminal, and these anti-2A zealots need to be stopped along with their pistol brace rule.


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