Home Reviews Yes, There Is A Budget Option For Competition Shooters With Small Hands

Yes, There Is A Budget Option For Competition Shooters With Small Hands

Yes, There Is A Budget Option For Competition Shooters With Small Hands

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One of the good things that has happened in the last few years (goodness knows there have been plenty of terrible things) is the increase in popularity of competitive shooting. And not just the overall numbers have grown, but there has been growth in the variety of people who have gotten interested and inolved in competitive shooting.

Competitive shooting (and guns, in general) have been primarily a men’s sport in the past, but, now, we’re seeing more and more women who love the excitement and the thrill of competing and winning in competitions.

So, with that growth, it makes sense that we’re seeing manufacturers producing firearms for this growing segment of the competition industry. Today’s example is from a manufacturer that has been aggressively growing it’s model line overall over the last few years. From the American Rifleman Staff:

Taurus USA expanded its semi-automatic rimfire handgun lineup in 2023 with the addition of the Taurus TX22 Compact. The new compact models now bring the total number of TX22 offerings from the company to 16, encompassing everything from compact, carry-ready versions to full-size, competition-ready options.

The Taurus TX22 Compact is shorter in both length and height compared to its full-size sibling, measuring in at 6.7″ and 4.9″, respectively. Barrel length measures 3.6″ and is threaded for suppressor use. Despite these compact dimensions, the TX22 Compact still provides an impressive capacity of 13 rounds in its stagger-stack magazine. Unloaded, the pistol weighs in at just 16.5 ozs. Overall, the small size and light weight make it another option for shooters with smaller hands, […].

The American Rifleman Staff also mentioned that this model comes with a milled slide designed to work with red dots using a Holosun K footprint.

Now, if you have larger hands, the TX22 Compact may not be the right choice for you, but even if that is your situation, this pistol may be something for your wife, significant other, or daughter to take a look at if they have an interest in competition shooting.


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