How The Biden Administration Is Making It HARDER For You To Buy Guns

We all know that Joe Biden and his administration hate private gun ownership. It’s not a secret. Anti-2A people should be honest about it and just admit it (they’re admitting all kinds of other things, now, so, why not that one, too?).

What you may not know is how the Biden administration is working hard to circumvent the Constitution and strip you of your Second Amendment rights without going about it in the legal manner of going through Congress (which would fail).

What they’re doing, instead, is to set up and take advantage of a situation in which background checks are taking much longer than before and, because they’re taking longer, many more of those background checks are “timing out” and being denied. You can find out more about that in the video here.

That situation is bad enough, but the ATF has, now, made the situation worse by implementing a “zero tolerance” policy with gun stores. Naveen Athrappully writes,

Internal documents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) detailing the agency’s Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) inspection guidance from January 2022 show how its “zero tolerance” guidelines are being used to revoke gun sale licenses across America.

The inspection guidance, first obtained by Fox News, is based on the Biden administration’s “zero tolerance” policy regarding the revocation of firearm seller licenses that was first announced in 2021.

“ATF has zero tolerance for willful violations that greatly affect public safety and ATF’s ability to trace firearms recovered in violent crimes,” the guidance […] states. “Therefore, revocation is the assumed action, unless extraordinary circumstances exist, when violations are cited.”

You may say, “That’s horrible, but what’s that got to do with limiting my Second Amendment rights?” It’s a valid question.

Think about the position that firearms retailers are in, now, though. If they unintentionally mess up, don’t cross a “T” or dot an “I,” so to speak, they could lose their license and, therefore, their livelihood because the ATF’s default assumption is that it was a willful violation (and no license means they wouldn’t be able to legally sell firearms).

What will happen is that firearms retailers will be forced to become paranoid about who they even consider selling a firearm to. So, many more people who are legally allowed to own firearms won’t be able to buy those firearms (at least, not legally).

By doing this, the Biden Administration, through the ATF, has set up a situation in which gun stores (at least, some of them) will, out of an abundance of caution, simply not sell firearms to many people that they legally could because the gun store owners and employees are concerned about feeding their own families.

It’s really insidious on the part of the Biden administration, and really evil. And it’s evil things like this that are why we need people who actually care about the truth and the Constitution in office and in government bureaucracies.

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