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How To Start 3d-Printing Guns In 3 Simple Steps (For Cheap!)

How To Start 3d-Printing Guns In 3 Simple Steps (For Cheap!)

A lot of people think 3D printing is very complicated and expensive… 

In fact, most people I’ve talked to about it think you have to be some sort of engineer to build guns with a 3D printer… 

Even I was pretty intimidated when first learning about it because I thought it was going to be a complicated process…

While that used to be the case, with modern technology it’s never been easier to get started–even if you’re a beginner with ZERO experience and you’re not really a fan of technology.

In this article I’ll be showing you the 4 things you need to start 3D printing your own guns and some tips to make it as easy and cheap as possible, so let’s get started!

The first thing you will need is obviously a 3D printer…  

These can range a TON in price. You can spend $1,000’s on them… 

Fortunately for us, that isn’t necessary for 3D printing guns! 

In fact you can find plenty of them for well under $500.  

The one I’ve been testing is the Creality Ender 3 3D Printer.  

It’s super inexpensive for the capabilities you are getting – you can find it for $199 or less on Amazon!

This particular setup fits on a standard size desk so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

(Keep in mind, you can print ALL kinds of neat things with this 3d-printer, not just guns, so it’s a great buy either way). 

The next thing you will need is some PLA plastic filament. There are other types of plastic filaments, but that’s beyond the scope of this article and PLA is the perfect material to work with for the beginner…

This is pretty straight forward you can get it on amazon for $19 per roll and that will give you enough for multiple guns. 

Step 2: Get the 3d-Files and Slicing Software

You’ll also need 3D print files for whatever gun you are printing… 

These are also becoming more and more available. Even better, they can be found free online from various different sources. 

Because so many people are giving these files away it’s made for some very strong designs to come out that make these 3D printed guns very reliable and tough. 

That’s the magic of the “free market” at work – innovations in the design of these 3d-printing guns are happening at the speed of an internet connection!

There are many different websites where you can find 3d-printer files for the guns you want to print, here are just a few resources you can start browsing:

If you travel down the rabbit-hole you’ll find many prolific designers of 3d-printed guns and you can start following them individually and seeing what they’re up to…

One thing to note is that website links will change over time as various, centralized Big Tech companies – with leftist agendas – tend to try and shut down 3d-printed gun websites and file sharing on their platforms…

But, like we said, you can’t stop the signal, and these 3d-printing pioneers will probably be providing information on different corners of the internet depending on censoring and crackdowns in the near future – for now Odysee seems to be a file-hosting platform that’s being used a lot. 

Step 3: Get a Parts Kit for the gun you wanna build (if necessary)

The last thing you will need is a parts kit…  Probably.

There are some guns, like the FGC-9 which you do NOT need a firearms parts kit to finish, because they were designed by 3d-printing gun builders… 

The FGC-9 was designed to not require any potentially regulated firearm parts (under European Union laws) by gun designer “JStark1809” (RIP) in order to enable people in countries with restrictive gun control laws to manufacture it. The weapon is a mix of fabricated 3D printed parts, easily manufactured metal pressure-bearing parts, and readily available springs, screws, nuts, and bolts. You can build the entire gun with just the 3d-printed parts and a trip to your local hardware store. The total cost of production, assuming the user already owns a 3D printer, is less than US$400!

However, for most of us, we want to basically use our 3d-printing skills to replicate commercial firearms like the proven Glock, AR-15 and other designs…

Just like with any other gun you will most likely need some sort of kit with a barrel and controls to make a functioning firearm. 

The good news is, because these parts are unregulated in the U.S. (meaning you can buy them anywhere – including online – and have them shipped to your doorstep without any legal restraints) these are super easy to find these days! 

Especially for the common guns like the AR-15 and Glock style handguns… 

You can simply go on Brownells.com or any other supplier and get all the parts you need to finish your gun. For example, if you’re printing a 3d-Glock, you need the upper half of the Glock and a lower parts kit. The only 3d-specific part you need in addition to that are some rails to finish it:

While it seems pretty easy there are still a lot of people who have questions about it. I’ll attempt to answer some of the most common questions I’ve received about 3D printing your own guns. 

Question 1: Is this even legal? 

Many Americans don’t realize that it’s totally and completely legal at the Federal level to build your own firearm (a Privately Made Firearm (PMF)) for your own personal use. This, of course, means that ANY method of building your own firearm — from welding together parts, milling unfinished receivers, and 3d-printing — is legal!

Here’s a screenshot from the ATF’s own website that explains it’s legal to build your own guns at home…

This screenshot from the ATF website says

“No, a license is not required to make a firearm solely for personal use.”

The bottom line is that the home manufacture of firearms is (and always has been) federally lawful, but some states and municipalities have placed restrictions on either 3D gun files or the manufacture of 3D-printed firearms – so you should definitely check the laws regarding this in your local, particular jurisdiction. I am certainly not a lawyer, and this is definitely NOT legal advice. You should do the research to see how laws affect you, always!

Question 2: Is shooting a gun that’s 3d printed even Reliable?  

While factory-built guns are, of course, the most reliable guns, the fact of the matter is that 3d-printing technology is so good now, even a $5.00 AR-15 lower receiver you can print with PLA will EASILY last 1,000’s of rounds! 

Question 3: How tech savvy do I have to be to 3D print my own gun? 

In the past it used to be hard to build 3d programs and print stuff like this…

However, now with modern technology it’s easier than ever. All you have to do is click a few buttons and like magic you have printed your own gun. 

Question 4: How much am I going to have to spend to get started?

It used to cost as much as $20,000 to get 3D-Printers that were capable of printing gun parts…

But in just the past 5 years, all that has completely changed!

Now the technology is so good that you can 3d-print very usable, reliable guns that are essentially on par with the quality of factory firearms…

And the costs–for 3d printers and the components you need–have dropped like a rock! 

In fact the one I’ve been using for my prints I paid $199 for it on Amazon with no issues! 

While it seems like the government is attacking our gun rights almost daily there has never been a better time to make sure you and your family are protected for what’s coming. 

With the advancements in technology like 3D printing there has never been an easier time to get started building your own off the books guns for a very low cost. 

If you’re ready to get started 3d-printing your own guns, drop a comment here on this article and look out for my next piece that will show you the EASIEST (and cheapest) guns to get started printing!


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