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Why Leftists REALLY LOVE Gun Control

Why Leftists REALLY LOVE Gun Control

One of the defining characteristics of left-wing political leanings is to push for gun control. People on the political left push hard for it at every opportunity and without any rational basis for it (there’s never a rational basis for gun control if you look at the statistics in context).

But I find myself asking the question: If their deity, Karl Marx, advocated for people to keep guns (well, he advocated for “the workers” to keep guns), why do Marx’s disciples on the political left want gun control and outright gun bans so badly? (Yes, I ask myself those kinds of questions, and, yes, some have said that I have too much time on my hands.)

The answer to that question is, actually, easy to find if you’re paying attention (after all, anti-2A people certainly won’t tell you this truth). See if you can gather what that answer is as you read today’s story. Cortney Weil writes,

A male member of the Seattle Democratic Socialists of America who claimed to be female reportedly shot at three sheriff’s deputies before eventually turning the gun on himself.

On Monday morning, three deputies with the King County Sheriff’s Department — David Easterly, Benjamin Miller, and Benjamin Wheeler — went to an apartment in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, to serve a final eviction notice to the resident living there: a 29-year-old man formerly known as Nathan Stolsig but who went by the name Eucytus after he decided that he was actually a woman.

The deputies spoke briefly with Eucytus when the situation suddenly turned violent. According to reports, gunfire erupted, but which party shot first remains undetermined. All three deputies “probably returned fire,” the police report said.

Sadly, Eucytus died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before police could apprehend him.

Now, the thing that I want to focus on here is that socialists seem to universally advocate for gun control and that this poor soul seemed to clearly be dealing with mental health issues to commute suicide from an eviction situation. Yes, evictions can be traumatic, but they aren’t the end of the world, and this person was only 29 years old. In the prime of life, as they used to say.

Suicide is tragic and is certainly not a rational response to a non-life threatening situation like an eviction.

Yet, that is the route that Eucytus took: suicide.

And this illustrates precisely why I think that political leftists push so aggressively for gun control: They, themselves, aren’t stable enough to be safe with firearms, and since they insist that everyone must abide by their personal preferences, they push for gun control for everyone instead of doing the responsible thing of simply keeping themselves away from guns.

The reality, though, is that their weakness isn’t any justification for trying to steal our rights, so, we must keep working to educate and prevent anti-2A people from stealing those rights.


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