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The Revolver For Someone Who Wants Something A Little Different

The Revolver For Someone Who Wants Something A Little Different

Screen capture from YouTube video.

Every so often, most people want something a little different, a little out of the ordinary. Sometimes that means something way out of left field, but, other times, you just want something that sparks your interest because it’s unique or a throwback to an older time.

Heritage Manufacturing decided to go with that last option with a revolver that they’ve released called the Barkeep Boot, presumably because it’s small enough for a barkeep at a saloon to keep it in their boot.

If you’ll notice in the screen capture above, there is some nice detail work on this gun such as the grip pattern. Stan Trzoniec gives us other details:

Called the Barkeep Boot, this downsized gun chambered for the .22 Long Rifle may be just the answer for pocket or purse. With its 1-inch barrel it checks in at under 2 pounds with an overall length of a curt 6.5 inches.

On this particular model, the round butt features a custom-engraved “snake” laminated grip; plain black or gray pearl grips are available as well. With this type of grip, I found it much easier to cock the gun because the hammer was in comfortable reach of the thumb.

The hammer is stainless, finished bright and serrated. The smooth trigger gave me a reading of four pounds on the nose, with hardly any take-up before the sear broke. The squared-off trigger guard makes a handy rest for a weak-hand shooting position if needed.

It’s an interesting gun, with a barrel so short that, as noted by a review by Guns of the West, it doesn’t even have a front sight. In other words, you won’t be doing any distance shooting with this revolver.

But, let’s be honest, it’s not designed for that. It looks like a classic, old west revolver that can be kept in a pocket and used to get a person out of a close range pinch of a situation. And for those purposes, it works well.

So, if you are wanting something a bit different, a throwback to what some would say is a simpler time, then the Barkeep Boot may be one to consider.


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