Home Guns Big Media Liberal TAKES DOWN Hollywood On Guns [Video]

Big Media Liberal TAKES DOWN Hollywood On Guns [Video]

Big Media Liberal TAKES DOWN Hollywood On Guns [Video]

It’s common knowledge that Hollywood, like most of the mainstream media, is full of people that lean hard to the political left. That means that Hollywood is strongly anti–gun in its political viewpoints. They constantly push for gun control in an unrelenting stream of propaganda about the issue.

And because of this obnoxious tantrum that so many Hollywood anti–gunners throw regularly, it can be a pleasant surprise to see someone take them down a notch by calling them out.

But I have to admit to feeling a special sense of glee when the person taking down Hollywood for their stance on guns is one of their own: a big name political liberal in the mainstream media.

And he calls them out for being hypocrites on guns, at that. It’s a fun thing to watch, and you can see Bill Maher take Hollywood down several notches in the video below (hat tip to here for the lead).

Did you watch that? It was a beautiful thing to behold.

And Maher is exactly right: Hollywood complains about guns and gun owners, but Hollywood is who is pushing that casual violence and hyper gun use narrative through their movies.

You’re not seeing anyone from the the pro–2A and pro–gun side of the issue pushing those narratives.

No, the people on our side of the gun control issue (that is, people who oppose gun control) aren’t romanticizing gun ownership or romanticizing killing people in some kind of revenge fantasy. No, we’re giving people a realistic viewpoint on gun ownership, including that with that right goes a heavy responsibility to care for our firearms, maintain control of our firearms, and know exactly where our shots are going. Because we’re responsible for every bullet that comes out of the barrel of our gun.

Because of this, it’s nice to see someone on their side of the aisle call them out and tell the truth about Hollywood’s hypocrisy. And it’s our duty to keep educating others about the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership.


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