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An Already Customized Brand New Glock?

An Already Customized Brand New Glock?

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Glock, as you likely know (since you’re reading this site), is one of the single most popular pistol manufacturers in the U.S. (and, likely, the world). That popularity seems to be primarily based on two different things: Glock’s reputation for reliability in their firearms, and the customization options available for them.

Of course, that first reason is why a number of manufacturers have made Glock knockoffs which means that you can get a pistol similar to a Glock with much the same reliability for less money if you’re willing to go with a different brand name and skip the other reason that people choose Glocks.

The other reason, though, isn’t as easy to replicate, so, Glock still has a strong lead among those who like to not just add accessories to their pistols (red dots, lights, etc.) but especially among those who want to customize the inner workings of their firearms (especially triggers).

But maybe you’re one of those people who likes the idea of customizing a Glock but you don’t have the time or the mechanical abilities to change out a trigger on your own. If that’s you, then a certain limited edition pistol may be what you’re looking for. American Rifleman gives us details:

A collaboration between Davidson’s, Glock, Holosun Technologies and Gunsite Academy resulted in a unique design that incorporates technology and concepts contributed by each company. The Davidson’s Exclusive Gunsite Glock Service Pistol (GGSP) is built from the ground up to be a duty-ready handgun that’s capable of handling any defensive task, whether in professional use or civilian circles.

American Rifleman continues:

Built on the Glock 45 platform, the GGSP is a crossover design that combines a compact slide with a full-size frame. Barrel length measures  4.02″, while the full-size frame accommodates a 17-round magazine. Additionally, the gun also incorporates all of Glock’s Gen5 updates. One of the salient features of the GGSP is the inclusion of a milled slide, making it capable of accepting micro red-dots (MRDs). The pistol also incorporates front and rear slide serrations, as well as bilateral slide-stop levers and a single-sided magazine release.

Topping the milled slide is a Holosun HE509T-RD X2 MRD, and the optic is directly mounted to the slide instead of using an adapter plate, a feature Glock previously only provided on law-enforcement and military guns.

Now, with an MSRP of $1,275, this isn’t a pistol that’s going to fit within everyone’s budget for practical use. Then, again, when a 1911 devotee says that he really likes the GGSP, that may cause someone to change their mind about their budget limit for that next pistol purchase, after all.


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