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Australian Gunsmith To Americans: It’s Just The BEGINNING

Australian Gunsmith To Americans: It’s Just The BEGINNING

American gun owners would be smart to look over history, especially from the last 100 to 120 years to see how the world really works. I don’t mean the revisionist history that is trying to recast gun owners and everyone who isn’t a leftist as horrible racists who just want power over other people (I’m looking at you, 1619 Project, and at you, Howard Zinn).

Really, you don’t even need to go very far back to see the effects of certain political policies such as gun control. You can just look at Australia.

Anti–2A zealots like to push Australia as a success story for gun control, conveniently ignoring the fact that the violent crime rate was falling when gun confiscation was implemented there, and that confiscating guns didn’t change the trajectory of that violent crime rate at all. In other words, gun confiscation didn’t have any affect on violent crime, but it did disarm the people. Daniel Y. Teng writes,

In a stark warning to U.S. gun owners, Australian weapons manufacturer Lance French says firearm control laws—once introduced—never stop expanding.

The owner of SGS Industries made the comments during the Western Australian Firearms Community Alliance meeting on April 1.

The meeting of gun owners and industry experts was held in reaction to impending state laws that will expand the gun control regime to ban high-powered firearms.

“Gun control doesn’t stop at a particular gun. It just keeps going. It’s relentless. It doesn’t stop,” French told The Epoch Times. “They’re making these false claims that certain items are dangerous when what’s dangerous is a person, and it’s a very low percentage of people.”

French sees what too few Americans see: anti–2A zealots will never be satisfied until we are all helpless before criminals and a government that can do to us whatever it wants.

Preventing that kind of oppressive government is exactly why the Second Amendment was put into place in the U.S., and we would all do well to remember that and to oppose all gun control everywhere.


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