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FN’s New Carbine Will Give Joe Biden HEARTBURN

FN’s New Carbine Will Give Joe Biden HEARTBURN

Screen capture from YouTube video.

One of the interesting things about human nature is that our bodies react to stressful thoughts and emotional stress. So if you are dealing with a stressful situation, you may have a stress response, like heartburn, for example.

Which makes me wonder if a new carbine from FN was designed specifically to give Joe Biden and other gun control zealots heartburn.

If it does, I would consider that a win.

But you probably want details about this carbine that Biden will hate. Christopher Olsen writes,

At launch, the new FN 15 Guardian will come chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge, which means .223 Rem. ammunition is perfectly suitable for use. The gun features a 16” button-rifled barrel with a hybrid profile. Barrel material used is an alloy steel chosen for strength and corrosion resistance. You’ll get a standard 1:7” twist of the rifling to smoothly stabilize most bullets in flight. FN America claims the Guardian has the capability of delivering sub-m.o.a. groups with match-grade factory ammunition, which is an impressive claim we at American Rifleman are all excited to put to the test. I had the fortunate opportunity to sample a FN 15 Guardian at an indoor range event before this product launch, and though the range length was limited, I was exposed to the Guardian’s capabilities through tactical maneuvers and quick, close-up shooting. And it excelled.

Olsen continues:

It is important to note, too, that the Guardian is set to come with an A2-style flash hider to reduce its firing signature and help combat muzzle rise just slightly. Ferrous-metal parts will feature a nitride treatment to further combat corrosion, giving the FN 15 Guardian an extra-long service life.

And another thing to note is, as one video review pointed out, the MSRP for this carbine is under $1,000 (which, of course, means a lower street price).

Because Joe Biden is rabidly anti–gun (I picture a chihuahua with rabies, grumpy, insane, and frothing at the mouth, when I say that about him), FN releasing this carbine will stress him out. Armed law–abiding Americans scare leftists like him to death.

So, if you’re in the market for a new carbine and you want one that “looks scary” (because that is the definition of an “assault rifle,” right? A gun that looks scary.), FN’s 15 Guardian may be one to consider.


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