Home News Former NFL Player RILES UP Leftists With Gun Video

Former NFL Player RILES UP Leftists With Gun Video

Former NFL Player RILES UP Leftists With Gun Video

If you’ve played in the NFL, then, chances are that you’ve gotten used to a little bit of criticism and a little bit of controversy. After all, no one playing professional sports hasn’t had a coach, commentator, or armchair quarterback tell them that they need to do better on the field.

I’m not sure that former NFL cornerback Trae Waynes quite expected the blowback that he received from a tweet that he posted recently, though. Courtney Weil writes,

On Sunday, Trae Waynes, 30, who spent six seasons as a cornerback in the NFL, released a video that not only involved the use of a firearm but that also seemed to take a stand against woke corporations, transgenderism, or both. “Bud light target practice lol,” Waynes wrote to give context to an 11-second video in which he aims a rifle at a long-distance target and then fires a single shot. Notably, the Bud Light bottle in the distance cannot be clearly identified, and two cans of beer that appear to be Busch are also visible in the tableau.

You can see the video below.

You can probably guess why those on the political left were upset with this one since Anheuser-Busch is still reeling from plummeting Bud Light sales after hiring a transgender spokesperson.

So, of course, people flipped out when Waynes posted that tweet about shooting Bud Light cans. To which, Waynes tweeted a reply of, “Well, im not gonna shoot the whiskey.”

I will admit to appreciating the “snark” in that reply.

Finally, as the criticism continued, Waynes tweeted, “If I shoot a coors light will yal quit crying? lol i enjoy shooting guns get over it.”

Really, it’s silly that people freaked out about Waynes’s initial tweet in the first place. It seems unlikely that the people upset about his tweet are the hunters that Waynes’s business serves with the hunting property that they develop, so, I think it likely that those people are just standard leftist trolls who get upset when anyone doesn’t fall into step with their preferred narrative on any given subject.

So, what’s the lesson that you can learn from this as a law–abiding gun owner? The lesson is: There are people out there who will hate you and attack you just because they disagree with you. Just know that in advance and be prepared for it.

Because we’re not giving up our gun rights because those people don’t like them.


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