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Did Anti-2A Group Propose To Buy Guns To Push Gun Control?

Did Anti-2A Group Propose To Buy Guns To Push Gun Control?

I’ll freely admit that some of the things that anti-2A people do simply confuse me. Mind you, it’s not because I’m stupid or clueless. I understand what they’re doing. What confuses me is how otherwise-intelligent people come to conclusions that make absolutely no sense when you look at the real world.

Take, for example, a proposal from one anti-2A / pro gun control organization. According to one writer, this organization is looking to start buying guns for people. Yes, they’re wanting to do that in order to cause more gun control to be implemented.

Scratching your head, yet?

Well, there is a convoluted “logic” to their thinking, but you have to already have a very set way of thinking about another issue and a blanket bias against, frankly, most of the people in the United States for it to make any “sense,” if you will. Jeff Charles writes,

Progressive activists concerned about gun violence are launching a campaign to drum up the support they need to pass more restrictive gun laws. The group plans to purchase an AR-15 for every eligible black American to scare Republicans into backing stricter regulations on firearms.

“We’ve known for a long time that racist Republicans are terrified at the thought of black men owning guns,” said Shelby Harris, chief operating officer of “Unpull the Trigger,” a non-profit anti-gun group. “By making sure every black man has a rifle, we can finally get Republicans to support universal background checks, gun buybacks, and confiscation of assault weapons.”

Dubbed the “Scare the Racists Straight” initiative, this controversial proposal is intended to get Republican politicians and their conservative constituents on board with the effort to limit gun ownership as much as possible.

“It’s a really exciting project,” said Tiffany Petit. “When these racist rednecks see video after video of black men shooting assault weapons at the range and carrying them in public, they’ll get on the phone immediately to tell their Congressperson to support more gun control pronto!”

Charles continues:

When asked about the research the group has conducted about Republican attitudes towards black men with guns, he told The Smattering that it involved “at least three hours on social media and a few hours of MSNBC.”

I asked if he had actually had conversations with folks on the right to gauge their opinions. “Eww, no way. Why would I do that? Rachel Maddow tells me everything I need to know about those people,” Lassiter spurted.

Okay, Charles’s article is satire, and (as far as we know at this point) this isn’t actually being proposed by anyone. But like so many Babylon Bee articles, it works as satire because there are nutcases on the political left who think that Americans oppose gun control because they’re trying to oppress minorities. No matter what the truth is. (And it’s scary how many Babylon Bee satire pieces turned into reality during the Biden administration. I’m not kidding about that.)

We live in a crazy, mixed up world that thinks that gun ownership is racist but gun control (which was implemented in the U.S. for racist reasons) isn’t.

And, sadly, there seem to be quite a few people on the political left (which is where most gun control advocates live politically) who can’t tell truth from reality (and, in case any leftists are reading this, the truth is that gun rights advocates are great with people of every ethnicity owning guns. It’s not about DNA. It’s about character and decency.).

So, have a laugh at this, and remember that there are a lot of people out there who deny reality. And those are the dangerous ones.


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