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Is This The ‘Best 10mm Out There?’ [Video]

Is This The ‘Best 10mm Out There?’ [Video]

Screen capture from YouTube video.

There’s an interesting trend that seems to be becoming more common in the pistol world, and that is people wanting something more “hefty” than 9mm ammunition but not going so far as .45. What do you have in that middle ground?

Well, 10mm, which we’ve seen in carbines for a little while, is stepping in to that gap, and some people really seem to like pistols chambered in it.

And, maybe, it’s that increased popularity (and the expectation that it will get even more popular) that has Sig Sauer expanding their P320 line with a 10mm model. Brad Fistzpatrick gives us details about this pistol:

Now SIG is entering another hot market, the 10mm striker-fired semiauto segment, and has plans to dominate that space with the launch of its P320-XTen semiauto pistol.

As the name implies, the SIG P320-XTen is derived, at least generally, from the company’s popular P320 9mm. Both are members of SIG’s XSeries line of striker-fired pistols, and the XTen shares the same beefed-up polymer grip module you’ll find on .45 ACP models.

The grip angle keeps the hand high in relation to the bore axis, and an oversize beavertail prevents slide bite. The XSeries guns also feature a high undercut on the trigger guard for even more control when firing powerful loads.

The larger XSeries grip module allows it to hold 15-round double-stack metal magazines. 

Fitzpatrick also notes that this pistol has a flat-face trigger with a 4.5 pound trigger pull, and it weighs in at 33 ounces, so, a little more weight than a 9mm P320. And the fact that the slide is precut for optics will appeal to many people.

Fitzpatrick even says in his review that the P320-XTen “might be the best 10mm out there.”

You can see the XTen in action in hickok45’s video below.

Is the P320-XTen the right pistol for your next firearm purchase? Only you can answer that, but if you’re looking for a pistol that uses “bear rounds,” this may be worth considering for your next gun.


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