Do Make This Common Grip Mistake While Shooting? [VIDEO]

One of the biggest things I see as an Instructor at Patriot Training Center is students who are shooting low and to the left. I would say it’s actually the majority of the groupings I see for people who come to our classes start out with. 

There can be a lot of different causes for this. A big one is actually how you grip the pistol. (it’s NOT a trigger press issue like most people think)

You can do everything else right and if you make this grip mistake you can frustrate the crap out of yourself trying to make hits on target where you need them to be. 

It can be so frustrating you might find yourself like Craig in the video below thinking “why do I suck at shooting?!” Check out the video below for a simple solution that might work for you too:

These are exactly the types of things we teach when you take a class with us at Patriot Training Center. 

You will not only discover why you’re making these types of mistakes but we actually teach you simple ways to fix them. 

You’ll learn things you can do at home to practice and what type of drills to do at the range by yourself. 

We wanted to give you a FREE Youtube video on a common grip mistake we see people make and how to fix it. This video is just scratching the surface with what you can learn in just a weekend with us here at Patriot Training Center. 

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