Home Guns Why You’re Shooting Low and Left (and how to fix it) [Video]

Why You’re Shooting Low and Left (and how to fix it) [Video]

Why You’re Shooting Low and Left (and how to fix it) [Video]

hand with gun shooting target

In this video Caleb and I are going to show you the most likely reason you’re shooting is low and left. 

This is the #1 reason I see people miss shots in classes here at Patriot Training Center. This problem can plague anyone at any skill level (even professional shooters) because we are human. 

If you want to learn how to hit exactly where you’re aiming, watch this quick free Youtube video we made to help you out.

Also make sure you subscribe to our channel (the subscribe button is on the top left corner of the video) where you can watch all our free videos that we give gun and gear tips and tricks.

These are the very basics skills that make people very good shooters. The more you practice this the better you will get at identifying when you’re making that mistake.

However, this is only a little part of shooting if you want to really progress as a shooter, I think in person training is the most efficient way to do it. 

Think of it like having your own shooting mentor that keeps you from making the same mistakes they did. You’re not paying for the 2 days of training. You are paying for the 1000’s of hours spent by the instructors perfecting the craft all condensed into one awesome and fun weekend. 

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