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How Gun Violence ‘Research’ LIES

How Gun Violence ‘Research’ LIES

The mainstream legacy media has a definite bias on many topics which is clear to see, if you know what to look for and are paying attention. They would argue that we do, too, and that’s true. At least we’re honest about our bias towards the Second Amendment, constitutional carry, and gun rights. They aren’t even remotely honest about their bias, though, which is, in and of itself, dishonest.

What is at least as dishonest is how gun “research” and polls are run to give a predetermined conclusion to support gun control and to steal Americans’s Second Amendment rights. If one were conspiracy minded, they might even call it a psyop. If one were conspiracy minded, mind you.

But real research (the honest kind) does clearly show that anti-2A polls are run in a way to give the dishonest impression that Americans overwhelmingly oppose gun rights. John R. Lott writes,

A survey in May for NPR/PBS NewsHour by Marist had the headline: “Most Americans say curbing gun violence is more important than gun rights.”  The Survey from May 15th through the 18th claimed: “6 in 10 say controlling gun violence is more important than protecting gun rights.” The survey asked: “Do you think it is more important to: Protect Gun Rights or Control Gun Violence.” The survey received massive news attention, extensive coverage on public radio and television affiliates nationwide, and other mainstream media such as USA Today and The Hill. The headlines in these other outlets echoed the headlines provided by public radio and television.

But here is the problem, despite gun control advocates being labeled as supporting “safety” and wanting to “reduce violence,” that is something that people on both sides of the debate believe. The way the NPR/PBS framed the question, it isn’t surprising that people respond as they do. SImilarly, you want to ask the question so that only gun ownership is associated with reducing violence?

To try to make the survey more balanced, we reworded the question to ask:

“Which of the following methods do you think is more effective in reducing violent crime?: Enacting stricter gun laws or Allowing people to protect themselves with guns.”

There was another difference in our surveys. The NPR/PBS NewsHour survey by Marist talked to 1,166 registered voters, but our survey looked at a more selective 1,000 likely general election voters with a 95% confidence interval of 3.1%. While the NPR/PBS survey found a large statistically significant gap, with many more people favoring reducing violence than protecting gun rights, our survey showed a statistical tie between the two methods of reducing violent crime.

Well, that’s convenient, isn’t it? If you phrase a question in a certain way, you’re more likely to get a certain answer to that question.

It’s almost like that’s manipulation, isn’t it? But it only looks like it is because… it is.

And you have to wonder how many of those people who said in the surveys that they want more gun laws would have said that if they hadn’t been constantly bombarded by the mainstream legacy media with the false narrative that says that more guns equals more crime. I suspect that far, far fewer of those people would have answered that way if the mainstream legacy media were honest about its reporting.

But the fact of the matter is that they aren’t honest on these topics, and that’s why you should continue to read this site so that you can see the other side of the gun rights issue, the side that we would argue is right.


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