Home Gear What is in Carter’s 2023 EDC? [Video]

What is in Carter’s 2023 EDC? [Video]

What is in Carter’s 2023 EDC? [Video]

Not Carter’s EDC

When people ask me what I do for work I tell them that I train people how to defend themselves. Usually the first question I get is: “Like teaching people Martial Arts?”

My reply to that is always yeah kind of. I really do believe that being able to defend yourself with a pistol is a type of martial art. 

The next question I get is: “Well are you carrying a gun right now?” The answer is always yes.

A lot of times it catches people off guard because I don’t really ever dress like a “tacti-cool” guy. You can usually find me in my blue jeans and cowboy boots with a hat or maybe some shorts and tennis shoes. 

I’m a fan of building your EDC around what is realistic for you to wear every single day no matter what. After all, if you aren’t carrying it all the time, what good does it do you? 

I filmed this Youtube video to show you what gun and gear I’m running everyday to maybe give you some ideas of how you’d like to set up your EDC. Let me know your setup in the comments of the video!

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If you want to have myself and Jeff, our Head Instructor at Patriot Training Center, help get you more confident with your EDC click this link to come to a class.


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