‘I’ll Do It Again.’ What Is Biden Up To This Time?

When Joe Biden says that he’ll do something again, you’re not sure whether he’s talking about eating ice cream, stumbling up stairs, falling off of a bicycle, telling strange stories about a guy named “Corn Pop,” or mindlessly reading a teleprompter. With Biden, those are all possibilities because they’ve all happened and been caught on camera.

But it could also mean something more dangerous to Americans, especially folks like you and me. And that’s because of Biden’s history of pushing un-American political policies.

And it’s the pushing of un-American policies that he’s saying that he wants to do again. Alex Nitzberg writes,

President Joe Biden is persisting in his push for an assault weapons ban.

“I AM DETERMINED TO BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS. I DID IT ONCE BEFORE, AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN,” a Biden post on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, reads.

You can see that garbage in the original tweet below.

Now, anyone who knows the actual statistics about gun violence and so-called “assault weapons” knows that it’s clear that banning “assault weapons” is nothing more than a PR student for a re-election campaign and/or the first step in trying to ban even more guns, such as your concealed carry pistols and hunting rifles. Why do I say that? It’s simple really. Dave Workman writes,

I frequently write about proposed bans on so-called “assault rifles,” an idea the far left holds onto like a winning lottery ticket. Read the FBI Uniform Crime Report, Tables 11 and 20, and you’ll confirm rifles of any kind are used in only 2% to 4% of all homicides in any given year. If rifles are used in a fraction of murders, why are anti-gunners trying so hard to get them banned?

Remember, that’s FBI statistics, not statistics from some “gun nut,” as Biden’s team would likely call us. Oh, and those statistics are for all rifles, not just “assault rifles.”

In other words, Biden is pushing for something that will make little to no real-world difference in reducing gun violence, yet, he is pushing it like it’s a golden ticket into Willie Wonka’s candy factory (Biden might like an ice cream factory better, though).

It’s absurd, as are so many other things from this administration.

The American people deserve better than the people running the show in Washington, D.C., now, and we have to do all that we legally can to make sure that we don’t get another clown show in the White House in 2024.

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