Under 2 Minutes: See Why You MUST Train And Carry Every Day [Video]

What can you do in under two minutes? Lots of things, right? You can check your mail (if you’re fast). You can eat a burger (if it’s small, and if you’re fast). You can walk from your car to a room upstairs in your house. It’s not a lot of time.

And under two minutes is how fast many fights, including gun fights happen.

Now, that may sound unbelievable to you, and that’s why bodycam video from a police officer in Fargo, North Dakota is so eye-opening. You can see how fast this whole situation goes down from start to finish. Paul Sacca gives details of the situation:

On July 14, Fargo Police Department officers responded to an automobile accident. Mohamad Barakat was not involved in the car crash, but he reportedly ambushed three police officers.

The video comes from the body camera of Fargo Police Officer Zach Robinson, who was working the car crash on a busy road. Suddenly, Barakat unleashed a barrage of bullets on the three officers and a bystander.

The officer and the suspect exchange fire, and, eventually, the threat is neutralized. Sacca continues:

[North Dakota Attorney General Drew] Wrigley said of the deadly gun battle, “It’s a minute and 46 seconds. 1 minute, 46 seconds between the first barrage from Barakat’s .223 to the neutralization of Barakat by Officer Robinson. Anybody who you’ve ever talked to, who’s been in a firefight of this kind, will tell you a minute and 46 seconds is a lifetime.”

Investigators believe Barakat may have been planning a mass casualty event since he had an arsenal of guns and explosives. Barakat was armed with a .223-caliber rifle modified with a binary trigger, two other rifles, four handguns, and two knives. Investigators discovered 1,800 rounds of ammunition, a homemade grenade, and explosives in his vehicle.

You can watch the video below (viewer discretion is advised).

One minute, 46 seconds. Less than two minutes. A completely unexpected attack from someone uninvolved in the accident that brought police to the scene.

Could you have prevented a potential mass shooting in under two minutes, saved the lives of countless people that quickly?

If not, then, you need to train and carry everyday so that you can be the person saving lives when horrible things happen instead of being just another victim.

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