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1 State’s Governor Bans Both Open And Concealed Carry?

1 State’s Governor Bans Both Open And Concealed Carry?

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You know that you live in a world that has gone crazy when the governor of an American state (well, other than California, Michigan, Illinois, or New York) has the gall to outright ban both open and concealed carry.

But that is the world that we live in.

See, one governor decided to take a page out of the CDC playbook. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, you’ll remember that the CDC has been, for several years, studying gun violence (from an openly anti-2A viewpoint) under the excuse that it is a public health issue. As if the Center for Disease Control should be dealing with anything other than diseases. But they seem to think so (you can read more about that here).

The governor that we’re talking about says that she also thinks that treating gun violence as a public health issue to be regulated away is a smart idea (hat tip to here for the lead). Tyler Durden writes,

On Friday evening, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) issued an emergency order suspending the right of law-abiding citizens to open and conceal carry firearms in crime-ridden Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days, after declaring a public health emergency in response to a spate of recent gun violence.

Grisham, who apparently thinks criminals will follow her orders, says she expects legal challenges, but was ‘compelled to act’ following recent shootings, AP reports.

Durden continues:

Grisham declared in a statement, “As I said yesterday, the time for standard measures has passed. And when New Mexicans are afraid to be in crowds, to take their kids to school, to leave a baseball game—when their very right to exist is threatened by the prospect of violence at every turn—something is very wrong.”

Yes governor, now law-abiding citizens won’t be able to match force with criminal threats while in public, after failed progressive policies transformed Albuquerque into a crime-infested metro area with soaring violence.

Durden is absolutely right on this. The only gun owners this illegal order will help are the criminals who get their guns overwhelmingly in illegal ways.

The complete lack of rationality on Grisham’s part is ridiculous and appalling. God help the people in Albuquerque.


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