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Is This Evidence Of TURNING TIDES In This 2A Battleground?

Is This Evidence Of TURNING TIDES In This 2A Battleground?

It’s abundantly clear to anyone familiar with the fight over the Second Amendment in the United States that anti-2A zealots are perfectly happy to make every arena a battleground in this issue. In some cases, that arena is geographical. In other cases, it’s legal.

One arena that not many people have thought about this way, though, is the business world. But it’s become clear that a number of big business entities are using their influence in the business world to push their own social agendas, no matter how wrong-headed (you can read more about one of those situations here).

But there is a ray of light in all of the anti-gun propaganda that is being sprouted to push gun control. The maker of what is, possibly, the most widely used accounting software in the world has changed their position on this issue. Naveen Athrappully writes,

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said he approved of software firm Intuit’s decision to reverse a ban on gun companies from accessing its payroll and payment processing services.

Prior to Aug. 1, 2023, Intuit had prohibited gun sellers and manufacturers from using the full features of its QuickBooks service, an accounting software. Firearm manufacturers were not allowed to access QuickBooks’ payroll services, while entities that sold guns were ineligible for QuickBooks’ payment processing services.

However, the company has now changed course.

Now, make no mistake. The fight over gun rights in the business world (which isn’t a place where anti-2A zealots should even be bringing up this issue) isn’t remotely over. Huge banks such as Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are still trying to prevent gun manufacturers and retailers from being able to process payments which, in essence, is trying to prevent you and I from being able to legally buy guns.

Still, Intuit’s change of policy is a big step in the right direction which will help countless independent gun retailers to do business and for you and I to buy our next gun and ammunition. So, we’ll celebrate this move as, hopefully, a sign of the turning tide in the business world fight over gun rights.


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