What Gun Control Do Americans Really Want?

If there is one thing that leftist politicians want you to think, it’s that Americans want more gun control. After all, those politicians show us horrible tragedies that the mainstream legacy media keeps pushing in our face to create a narrative that gun violence is epidemic in America and that Americans should and do want more gun control.

But do they?

A recent Rasmussen poll went looking to find out the answer to that question. But the answer isn’t something that anti-2A politicians want to hear. Patricia Tolson writes,

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Maine, a new survey revealed that the majority of America’s voters believe enforcing existing gun laws would do more to help prevent gun violence than passing new laws.

While previous gun-control surveys taken in the aftermath of mass shootings show a rise in the number of Americans who want more gun control laws, a new Rasmussen survey taken in the days after the fatal shooting of at least 18 people in Lewiston, Maine, shows that nearly 60 percent of American voters say the enforcement of existing laws would do more to mitigate gun violence.

While 30 percent of those surveyed believe passing new laws would do more to curb gun violence, 57 percent said stricter enforcement of existing gun control laws would be more effective.

See, I told you that those politicians would hate the poll results because more and more people are realizing that horrible mass shootings and other incidents of gun violence aren’t going to be reduced by stricter gun control laws while the existing laws on the books aren’t being enforced.

And, even then, those laws wouldn’t stop all mass shootings since criminals (like mass shooters) typically get their firearms in illegal ways anyway.

But anti-2A politicians don’t care about facts. They care about control.

And if they really cared about reducing gun violence, they would encourage more private gun ownership. Because the statistics are clear that a good guy or gal with a gun is who stops a mass shooter or a would-be mass shooter from doing even more horrible things.

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