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State Legislator DESTROYS Anti-2A Arguments [Video]

State Legislator DESTROYS Anti-2A Arguments [Video]

Screenshot from YouTube video.

One of the frustrations of being involved in the pro-Second Amendment world and of being someone who cares about using data that hasn’t been misinterpreted for an agenda is how often people on the other side of this issue spew out both false information and how clearly those people hate the idea of you and I, law-abiding citizens, having the freedom to protect ourselves and our families.

Now, anti-2A zealots, whether activists, mainstream media talking heads, or politicians, will all tell you that they believe in freedom, and that they just want to save lives. But that takes us back to data.

Because anti-2A zealots take data out of context because doing so makes it sound like the data supports their push for gun control, up to and including gun bans and gun confiscation. The problem is that the data, when seen in context, absolutely shows that legal gun ownership decreases crime, including violent crime. Just look at the number of defensive use of guns (including when a gun only had to be shown and not fired) in comparison to violent crime using a gun. The number of defensive uses absolutely dwarfs the number of incidents of gun crime. It’s not even close.

Knowing that makes me just want to punch through walls and throw things when I hear Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and company spewing absolute falsehoods about guns (like this absolutely idiotic whopper from Biden).

That’s also why, when I hear someone rational about gun rights and private gun ownership, especially when they are in political office, it’s such a breath of fresh air. Virginia House of Delegates Nick Freitas is one of those breaths of fresh air in politics, and he’s quickly become one of my favorite YouTube personalities, too. Watch him below calmly and systematically destroy arguments for gun control. It may be the best ten minutes of your day.

Now, I don’t know if Freitas has any ambitions to run for office on the national stage, but he is exactly the kind of person that we need more of in Washington, D.C. and on court benches. So, here’s to hoping that Freitas inspires more people like him to run for office all over this nation.


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