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State Passes ‘Worst Anti-Gun Legislation In The Country’

State Passes ‘Worst Anti-Gun Legislation In The Country’

It’s both bizarre and horrifying to watch certain states in the Union compete with each other to see which can screw over their citizens in even more ways.

Sure, we can talk about how they do that in multiple ways, but we’re going to focus on guns here. And state after state, from California to New York, seem bent on outdoing each other when it comes to gun control.

Now, one other state has decided that they want to be “king of the dunces” of gun control. Naveen Athrappully writes,

Massachusetts House lawmakers approved a measure on Oct. 18 that would tighten the state’s firearm laws and crack down on unregistered “ghost guns,” which gun rights advocates claim is “the worst anti-gun legislation in the country.”

The bill, H. 4135, was passed by the Massachusetts House on a 120–38 vote. It would mandate that key gun components be serialized and registered with the state, it proposes an enhanced system to curtail the flow of illegal guns into the state, and it seeks to modernize the existing firearm registration system. It would also expand the state’s ban on assault weapons by prohibiting the purchase of AR-15-style weapons and would ban the conversion of a legal firearm into an illegal automatic weapon.

The proposed regulation would outlaw possession of firearms while intoxicated and prohibit firing guns near homes. It would ban carrying firearms in polling places, schools, and government buildings. It also provides for expanding the state’s “red flag” laws, which allow judges to suspend gun licenses of people deemed to be at risk of harming themselves or others.

The passage of H. 4135 has been severely criticized by gun rights advocates. In an Oct. 18 statement, the National Rifle Association of America-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) denounced lawmakers, asking supporters to contact their state senators and “voice their opposition” to the bill.

“H. 4135 re-writes gun laws in the Commonwealth and imposes unprecedented gun control. This is an ominous bill that includes the worst anti-gun legislation in the country,” it stated.

Of course, like anti-2A politicians everywhere, they passed this after Bruen to thumb their noses at you and me and the Constitution.

Because they don’t care about you or me or the truth. They care about power over you and me.

I’d love nothing more than to see this law taken to court and completely crushed. The people of Massachusetts deserve that.


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