Home Guns SECRET Reason The Left Is WRONG About 2A That No One Talks About [Video]

SECRET Reason The Left Is WRONG About 2A That No One Talks About [Video]

SECRET Reason The Left Is WRONG About 2A That No One Talks About [Video]

The political left is wrong about gun rights and the Second Amendment. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you agree with me about that. And while they have the right to believe wrong things, it’s important that you understand why they are wrong and to never give into their wrong ideas.

So, that brings up the question: Why is the left wrong about the Second Amendment?

That’s a great question. The obvious answer that you probably already think of is that the Second Amendment is absolute in the way that it’s written. That means that the Second Amendment doesn’t list any restrictions to Americans’ right to own firearms.

The second answer that you may have already thought of is that having a firearm allows a physically weaker person to even the odds in a conflict against a more physically dangerous person who is attacking them. This is why all women should own, train with, and carry firearms.

The third reason, though, is likely one that you haven’t considered, and that has to do with a deeper understanding of rights and how they (should) work. Virginia legislator Nick Freitas gives us a quick overview of that, and you can watch below.

Collective rights versus individual rights? Yes, that is one of the biggest mistakes that the political left makes. The political left believes in the idea of collective or group rights, but the Constitution (and anyone supporting liberty) is there to protect individual rights.

In fact, if you go deeper, the belief in protecting the rights of the individual against the oppressive “rights” of the group is exactly why the U.S. was set up as a republic (where the law is supreme) instead of a democracy (where the majority, at any given time, is supreme).

And your Second Amendment rights were codified in the Bill of Rights exactly to protect the people from the tyranny of the majority of any other tyrannical form of government.

And we must protect those rights for our children’s sake.


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