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White House’s ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony’ Pushes Dishonest Agenda

White House’s ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony’ Pushes Dishonest Agenda

What do you call it when someone is completely dishonest about the way that they handle things, especially when they’re dishonest about how they push their agenda?

Well, if you’re Joe Biden, apparently, it’s just business as usual when the topic is pushing gun control. The lying dog-faced pony (you remember that story, don’t you? But we know who the liar really is.) never misses a moment to use anything that he thinks that he can twist towards pushing for gun control, even if the evidence that he’s using to push the agenda doesn’t actually support that agenda.

I’m not kidding.

Joe Biden is the kind of guy who takes a horrible incident that didn’t even involve the guns that he wants to ban to call for banning the guns that weren’t used in that incident (hat tip to here and here for the lead). David Codrea writes,

“We need Congress to step up’ after UNLV [University of Nevada Las Vegas] shooting,” NewsNation reported, citing Joe Biden’s official statement crafted by White House wordsmiths to exploit the murders to full advantage. “He urged lawmakers to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” He also “urged lawmakers to … implement fast national red flag laws, require safe gun storage and enact universal background checks.”

The problem with those “solutions,” AP reported, are that the killer, bought his gun legally, meaning he’d undergone a background check, and he used “a 9 mm handgun.” Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill added that “the shooter brought 11 magazines with him to the campus, and police found nine of them on the shooter after he was killed.” There goes the objection that magazine bans are justified because having to swap them out gives victims time to tackle their assailant. What happened instead was “Terrified students and professors cowered in classrooms and offices as the gunman roamed the top three floors of UNLV’s five-story Lee Business School…”

That’s right, Biden is calling for high-capacity magazine bans and to ban “assault weapons” even though it was a handgun used and the shooter had eleven (yes, 11!) magazines with him. Clearly, if Biden got what he wanted and high-capacity magazines were banned and “assault rifles” were banned, this shooter could still legally get what he used for this shooting.

It’s just disgusting to see Biden use the tragedy of this situation to push to steal the rights of Americans in ways that had nothing to do with the tragedy.

But let’s not kid ourselves. This kind of dishonesty is standard operating procedure for the gun control crowd. Because, no matter what they say, gun control isn’t about saving lives. It’s about control.


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