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DISTURBING: These Are The People Who Want To Disarm You

DISTURBING: These Are The People Who Want To Disarm You

Famous left-wing social agitator Saul Alinksy said that leftists should always accuse their political opponents of doing what the leftists were actually already doing (that way, when caught, leftists would, then, say, “But conservatives already been doing the same thing all this time.”)

It’s a brilliant misdirect that works on people who aren’t actually paying attention to what is going on. The uninformed simply think to themselves that, yeah, the non-leftists were already the bad guys, so, why is it a big deal if leftists are doing it, too?

Like I said, it’s brilliant. But evil.

Occasionally, though, leftists show their true colors for everyone to see. While leftists have been saying for years that conservatives (which legal gun owners overwhelmingly fall into in the political spectrum) are the ones who are violent (without evidence for that accusation), it’s the leftists who are much more often the violent ones. And a recent threat against Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy shows a clear-cut example of leftist derangement. Cortney Weil writes,

A New Hampshire man has been arrested by the FBI after he allegedly threatened to kill Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, as well as everyone attending one of his campaign events.

On December 8, Ramaswamy’s campaign issued a mass text message to announce that the candidate would be hosting an event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, three days later. At least one recipient was not thrilled with the news.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Hampshire, Tyler Anderson, 30, fired off a violent response to the text. “Great, another opportunity for me to blow his brains out!” Anderson allegedly wrote to the campaign in reply.

“I’m going to kill everyone who attends and then f*** their corpses,” he added, according to the press release.

I guess this guy’s threats were too over the top for even Biden’s FBI to ignore. (To be fair, there are still good FBI agents, but there are definitely some who are politicizing the agency to push left-wing political agendas such as gun control.)

The point that I want you to take away from this story, though, is that we see it over and over again when we get into the details of violent attackers’ motives. They are overwhelmingly those on the political left who are making violent threats, and, I would argue, it’s no coincidence that the same political leftists which advocate for political violence (sorry, I mean “mostly peaceful protests,” obviously) are the same people pushing to disarm you so that you can’t shoot back when they come to kill you for disagreeing with them.

Don’t let them fool you with their propaganda. Anti-2A zealots and their political partners are the ones who initiate violence, not legal gun owners like you and me.


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