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Gun Control Group BREAKS Laws It Pushed

Gun Control Group BREAKS Laws It Pushed

I find it utterly fascinating how people who push for a law can, at the same time, be completely ignorant of what that law does, how it is enforced, and what the law allows or doesn’t allow people to do.

So many of the folks pushing for laws about things (like gun control) are completely clueless about even what they’re pushing or about what laws are already on the books.

How can they expect to improve things if they don’t actually know what’s going on?

(You’d think that gun control isn’t really about saving lives but is, actually, about control, wouldn’t you?)

Which brings us to Farmington, New Mexico and how an anti-2A group in that state, in an effort to get guns off of the streets, violated gun laws. It’s truly breathtaking in the foolishness shown (hat tip to here for the lead). Jennifer Sensiba writes,

The city of Farmington, New Mexico recently decided they weren’t going to waste time with another useless gun “buyback” event. Word seems to be getting out that they don’t work, and it’s becoming clear that they’re a total waste of public resources and money. But one of the organizers wouldn’t take no for an answer. So, they decided to go do a “buyback” themselves.

Blissfully unaware of state law, a gun control advocacy operation called New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence visited the homes of some people who wanted to get rid of a firearm and trade it for a gift card. Then, right there on site, they used an angle grinder to cut the gun’s receiver in half.

Once that was done, they took the two pieces to a local high school. The parts were then given to young gun control activists, who used the bits of wood and metal to build anti-gun “works of art.”

There’s just one problem with all of that. A few years ago, the group helped pass a law in New Mexico prohibiting private firearm transfers. Worse, the group’s destruction of receivers don’t comply with ATF guidelines for rendering them permanently inoperable. So, when they took these guns (which were still legally guns) onto school grounds and transferred them to minors, they broke all kinds of laws — laws NMPGV itself supports — including state and federal felonies.

The local sheriff is, understandably, investigating the group, and the group? They’re upset that they’re being investigated for breaking the law that they pushed which everyone else has to abide by.

It’s like a comedy sketch from a Laurel and Hardy or Marx Brothers film. Except that it’s real.

But isn’t that the way that anti-2A activists always are: Laws apply to you but not to them?

They hypocrisy and foolishness is off the charts with those people.


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