FINALLY: A Budget 10mm Pistol

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Many people who carry pistols for personal defense swear by 9mm. Others like their .45s, and some like something a little smaller, going with .380. But what do you do if you want something bigger than 9mm but don’t want a .45?

It’s a fair question, and 10mm is growing in popularity because there is that in between market.

That growing popularity is likely driving one manufacturer’s new model, their first chambered in 10mm. The folks at Athlon Outdoors write,

Building on the sturdy framework of its best-selling TH-series, Taurus adds the TH10—the company’s first 10mm. The new pistol offers a smooth double-action pull, with subsequent follow-up shots breaking cleanly in single action. In addition, the thumb safety doubles as a de-cocker, so you can carry cocked and locked or hammer down.

Athlon Outdoors continues:

Promising enhanced accuracy, the TH10 features a premium stainless steel barrel chambered in 10mm. Likewise, a meticulously crafted recoil spring and guide rod ensure optimized performance of the powerful 10mm pistol. As a result, this contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the firearm.

The hammer-fired pistol operates via a traditional DA/SA trigger. This delivers a long, smooth double-action pull on the first shot and a clean, crisp single-action break on follow-up shots. Likewise, the TH10 can be carried cocked and locked or hammer down via Taurus’ innovative thumb safety/de-cocker combination.

Adam Borisenko also gives us these details about this new model:

With a barrel length of 4.25 inches and a 15-round magazine capacity, the TH10 is a full-sized handgun. Featuring a stainless steel barrel, an alloy steel slide and a polymer frame, the whole package weighs 28.5 ounces unloaded. Both the front and rear sights are also drift adjustable, and the rear sight uses the industry-standard dovetail to allow for easy replacement.

Borisenko also noted that the TH10’s accessory rail and MSRP of $529.99 (which, of course, means that you’ll almost certainly get it from your preferred firearms retailer for less than that).

Considering how Taurus has been pushing hard to build a reputation as a quality budget firearms manufacturer and how pretty this gun is (see the picture above), at this price point, if you’re in the market for a 10mm pistol, the TH10 may be one to consider.

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