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Biden Claims 1 Law Is Saving Lives, But What Is The TRUTH?

Biden Claims 1 Law Is Saving Lives, But What Is The TRUTH?

Joe Biden is a special kind of person. Now, some of you may read “special” in the last sentence to mean the short bus kind of special, and on a lot of subjects, I can’t argue with that conclusion.

But does Joe Biden ever tell the truth about something important? Specifically, does he ever tell the truth about guns, gun violence, and gun control laws?

That’s a great question. I’ll answer it by saying that, today, we have a perfect example of the kind of slimy used car salesman stereotype that is Joe Biden coming up all over again with some of his recent comments about gun control laws. Michael Clements writes,

Eighteen months after it was enacted, President Joe Biden credited the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) for “saving lives.”

“I am proud to have taken more executive action than any president in history to combat gun violence in America, and I will never stop fighting to get even more done,” President Biden said in a Jan. 5 statement. 

“Congress must enact universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, end the gun industry’s immunity from liability, and pass a national red flag law.” 

President Biden credited the enhanced background checks in the BSCA for denying “more than 500 illegal gun purchases by people under 21 years old who presented a danger to our communities.” 

Now, if that’s all that you knew about these subjects, you might think that Biden had done some good for our country. But did he? Clements continues:

A study by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) found that 2 percent of U.S. counties accounted for 56 percent of murders in 2020. The study, published in January 2023, showed that the vast majority of communities didn’t have a serious violent crime problem.

Homicides fell by an average of 14 percent nationally in the first nine months of 2023, compared to the year-earlier period, according to FBI data, although the agency says not all law enforcement agencies supplied data. And the homicide rate remains higher than pre-pandemic 2019.

The 2023 decrease is one of the statistics that the Biden administration hails as proof of the BSCA’s success.

So, the homicide rate is still higher than before Biden went into office (and with probably fewer agencies reporting, now, so, it may actually be higher than the previous year when more agencies may have been reporting. But Biden is bragging about a slight decrease in the latest year’s homicide rate despite still having a higher homicide rate in America than before he went into office.

Doesn’t sound like he’s really made any progress, does it?

In fact, the reduction in homicide rates (if any) may be able to be attributed to the removal of pandemic lockdowns and allowing people to leave the house to go to school and to work to feed their families instead of any gun control efforts.

I’ll let you decide why Biden is bragging about the non-existent affect that a gun control bill had on homicide rates when the lockdowns that he pushed so hard for have been blamed for the increase in those homicide rates in the first place (which is why removing the lockdowns lowered the rates).

So, it’s just old Joe being dishonest about guns and gun control, as usual. I wish that it surprised me, I really do.


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