Nutcase Governor Proposes LONGEST Waiting Period In The Country

Today’s question is a question that may stump you. After all, it’s difficult to understand why someone does things that are so clearly not in either their best interests or the interests of other people. But here we are.

So, the question is: How many times does a governor’s illegal (and stupid) gun control directives have to be shot down in court before they get a clue and turn their attention to actually doing something to help the people in their state?

In the case of at least one governor, that number of times seems to be at least one more. Because she just decided to try to take her stupid gun control policies and make them even worse. Micheal Clements writes,

As the New Mexico Supreme Court mulls its decision on gun control executive orders issued by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, she is pushing a legislative agenda to clamp down on Second Amendment rights, according to an NRA lobbyist.

During a webinar on the eve of a 30-day budget session that began on Jan. 16, Tara Mica, a regional lobbyist for the NRA in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mississippi, warned Second Amendment advocates that Ms. Lujan Grisham is almost guaranteed to support all the gun control bills prefiled for this session.

Ms. Mica, an NRA lobbyist for almost 30 years, told webinar participants that the package of bills is the most ambitious package she has ever seen.

Clements continues:

If HB 129 is signed into law, New Mexico residents would have to wait 14 business days before completing a gun purchase.

Under the law, the waiting period would begin with the initiation of a federal background check. It is meant to reduce the opportunity for gun violence and suicide. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-District 46).

This means that a gun purchase made on the Friday before a holiday weekend could take almost three weeks to complete, she said.

“It would make for the longest firearm purchase delay in the country,” Ms. Mica said.

And that’s on top of the other gun control proposals that she’s pushing.

It seems pretty obvious that Lujan Grisham is a busybody who needs to find productive work to do, but, instead, she is trying to take away the rights of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves.

But, like all anti-2A activists, she’ll just congratulate herself as the “good guy” in this fight over gun rights instead of being the Sheriff of Nottingham who is trying to oppress her constituents.

What a horrible situation this is in New Mexico right now for legal gun owners.

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