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Corporate Giant Takes DISGUSTING Action Against Employees For Awful Situation

Corporate Giant Takes DISGUSTING Action Against Employees For Awful Situation

If you’re one of those people who just loves a story about how much we should hate politically left-leaning corporations, then, pay attention: today’s article is for you. Because what one left-leaning corporate giant did to two of its employees after a robbery will make you sick.

Before we get to the story itself, I want you to ask yourself a question: What would you do if you had two employees that, when attacked (as in actually physically assaulted) during a robbery, defended themselves and even enabled one of the robbers to be caught?

Just on the surface it sounds like these employees did the right thing, doesn’t it? Apparently, at least one corporation may have been supporting too many defend the police and anti-2A rallies, though. Carlos Garcia writes,

Two baristas who beat up two men who allegedly tried to rob a Starbucks in Missouri were fired by the coffee chain for their heroic efforts.

St. Louis police said 37-year-old Joshua Noe and 35-year-old Marquise Porter-Doyle rushed into a Starbucks on Dec. 17 with what looked like real handguns and demanded the employees hand over cash in the register.

When the employee said he wasn’t able to open the safe, Noe allegedly hit the employee in the head with his gun, but the gun shattered, and that’s when the victims realized they had fake guns.

Two of the baristas and some of the customers beat down the two would-be robbers and held Noe until police arrived. Porter-Doyle was able to escape, but police caught up with him later and arrested him.

That’s right, Starbucks fired them.

What were they supposed to do, let the robbers beat them up even more?

This is the kind of nonsense thinking that permeates leftist thinking about how to deal with crime. Leftists think that if you’re really nice when someone is trying to cave your head in with a rock that the bully will stop.

And that’s just not how reality works. Especially when the attacker has a gun (or a fake gun as was the case in this situation).

It’s for ridiculous things like this that Starbucks doesn’t deserve our money, and situations like this, where companies won’t let you carry at work in order to protect yourself, are why you need to find ways to support yourself and your family that don’t compromise your gun rights and, therefore, your safety.


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