Home Guns Democrat State Senator Actually Proposes RATIONAL Way To Increase Gun Safe Sales

Democrat State Senator Actually Proposes RATIONAL Way To Increase Gun Safe Sales

Democrat State Senator Actually Proposes RATIONAL Way To Increase Gun Safe Sales

Contrary to what most anti-2A people seem to think, pro-gun people aren’t anti-safety. Pro-gun people are against government mandates against guns, and pro-gun people are against blanket laws that don’t allow people to do what is best for their individual situation.

So, while, in general, it can be a good idea to lock up most firearms when not being carried or in use, requiring that all firearms be locked up is insane and just keeps people from being able to access their firearm quickly to defend themselves when a dangerous situation arises.

One Democrat state senator, though, appears to have gotten the clue that encouraging the behavior that they’d like, instead of mandating it, may actually help to get towards their goal of more firearms locked up when not in use.

I know, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it either. But it’s true. Andrew Chapados writes,

A bill filed by a Democratic state senator from Oklahoma would include firearm safety devices in a law that exempts them from state taxes.

State Senator Jo Anna Dossett (D) introduced SB 1476, which is described in official documents as “exempting sales tax on purchase of gun safes and guns safety devices.”

The purpose is reportedly to encourage more Oklahoma residents to take advantage of gun safety equipment, KJRH reported. The outlet claimed that Dossett cited a study on the issue that was conducted in autumn 2023 and that the legislation has received support from the Oklahoma Rifle Association as well as the organization Everytown.

“Most Oklahomans are responsible gun owners and many already use such devices,” Dossett claimed. “This tax exemption will encourage even more responsible gun owners to use them.”

Wait, a Democrat isn’t demonizing gun owners as neanderthals who just want to kill people? Are we in an alternate reality?

Sure, I’m being sarcastic, but the reality is that most Democrat politicians treat legal gun owners as criminals even though legal gun owners aren’t the ones committing crimes, so, it’s kind of refreshing to see Dossett have decent things to say about gun owners.

Maybe other Democrats will get a clue. That doesn’t mean that we’ll let them pass gun control on us, though, so, they shouldn’t get their hopes up about that.


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