New Bill Is SURPRISING Move To Protect Legal Gun Owners

With the constant barrage of anti-2A propaganda coming out of Washington D.C. and from the legacy mainstream media, it can be easy to think that the pro-gun movement isn’t seeing very many wins. In fact, anti-2A people desperately want you to think that we’re not seeing any wins because they hope to demoralize you to get you to quit pushing to keep Americans’ gun rights.

It that the case, though? Are we really losing more than we win?

No, it’s not the case, and if you think that, then, you’re only hearing one side of the stories about the fight for gun rights, the side from those who oppose them. The pro-gun side does win, too, and more often than many people think. A new bill in one state is an example of the steps that are happening to protect your rights. Michael Clements writes,

New Hampshire legislators are considering a bill to protect the privacy of firearms purchasers while preventing gun control through financial restrictions.

The New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee held a public hearing on Feb. 2, 2024, for HB 1186, which would prohibit credit card and finance companies from mandating Merchant Category Codes for transactions at businesses that sell firearms, ammunition, or gun accessories.

The bill is scheduled for an executive session on Feb. 12. In New Hampshire, members of the public may attend a legislative committee’s executive session as observers. During the executive session, the committee will write a report on the proposed legislation based on the public hearing and the committee’s own research and discussion.

Now, this is just an example of the kinds of things happening in many states. And keep in mind that over half of the states in the Union have some form of constitutional / permitless carry already in place. Bills like this are just additional steps being put into place to defang the Biden administration’s attack wolves who are trying to keep you and me from being able to protect ourselves.

And considering that gun violence is highest in areas with the most gun control, you have to ask who the Biden administration wants for us to be defenseless against.

Regardless of the answer to that question, the fight for gun rights isn’t over, and we are making positive progress.

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