Should This ‘BORING’ Gun Be Your Next Purchase?

There’s something in human nature that likes the new, the flashy, the different. In business circles, you’ll hear talk of BSO Syndrome: Bright Shiny Object Syndrome which is where people flitter from one new, novel idea to the next without actually getting anywhere because they’re too busy chasing the BSO.

The thing is: That’s human nature. Your brain is literally designed to get you to pay attention to the new, different, novel thing (because if it’s out of the ordinary, you need to make sure that it’s not dangerous before you start ignoring it).

Is that how you want to shop for your next gun, though? Do you want to just be going after the new thing that is different in some way (even if the difference is just the marketing)?

Not necessarily. There’s a strong argument to be made for intentionally choosing the boring gun for your next purchase. In fact, one writer argues that you should consider a specific pistol for your next purchase precisely because it is boring. P.E. Fitch writes,

The Glock 19 often gets compared to being the equivalent of the Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla–those safe, reliable and affordable every-day commuter cars. I’ve also heard this handgun get compared to common appliances, like kitchen toasters. These guns are so reliable that even that’s something boring about them. Sure, these pistols have been around for 3 decades and have seen various tweaks and improvements, but their reputation continues to be one of reliable fidelity. 

But the little boring Glock 19 is an icon in its own way: the benchmark against what every other compact/duty sized double stack 9mm pistol gets compared by. Besides its reliability and ingenious striker-fired ignition system, it happens to possess a “golden ratio” of pistol proportions. With an overall length of 6.75 inches and a height of 4.75 inches, the Glock 19 is small enough to conceal and carry comfortably while also being large enough to handle like a full-size pistol. With duty-grade or carry ammunition, the four inch barrel is long enough to allow cartridge’s propellants to properly develop and deliver adequate terminal performance without being too cumbersome. Unlike smaller, more compact 9mm pistols, the Glock 19 still has a favorable recoil impulse that most shooters can handle. After all, it’s only ½ inch shorter on the slide and ½ inch shorter on the grip than its original sibling, the Glock 17. The 19’s 15+1 standard capacity is nothing to sneeze at either. In the end, what hot new carry gun hasn’t been described as “Glock 19 sized?” 

So, maybe we should step back and think about why the Glock 19 is considered boring. Is it because it is the standard that everyone else is trying to lure you away from with the new, flashy aspects of those guns?

I’ll let you decide on that, but regardless of whether you think the Glock 19 is boring or if it should be your next firearm purchase, it’s worth considering what you like in this firearm so that you can look for those features in your next purchase.

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