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Activist ADMITS The Real Motivation For Gun Buybacks

Activist ADMITS The Real Motivation For Gun Buybacks

When tragedy strikes in America, a normal and common reaction from politically conservative people (which is the way most gun-owners tend to lean), is to send their thoughts and prayers to those suffering.

Those on the political left often criticize political conservatives by saying that we need to do more than just send thoughts and prayers. They say that we need to do something to prevent these tragedies in the future. Of course, leftists tend to, then, push for programs (like gun control) that won’t do anything to stop those tragedies and will often make the tragedies worse.

It’s appalling, though, to see those on the political left, those anti-2A people, being completely blind (or being hypocrites) about how they are the ones being more guilty than those that they accuse. See, anti-2A folks say that their intentions are more important than whether their proposals actually make a difference (hat tip to here for the lead). Carlos Garcia writes,

A member of the Hampton Roads Black Caucus in Virginia said it didn’t matter if gun buybacks were ineffective because they needed to show the community that they “care enough” to have a gun buyback.

Garcia continues:

A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that gun buyback programs are ineffective for many reasons. Among participants from mostly low-crime areas, gift cards that are being offered aren’t enough of an incentive, and the weapons that are brought “tend to be older and less well-functioning than the average firearm.”

WVEC asked Jones to respond to the findings of the study.

“Regardless of what the statistics say, we want to put some attention and show that we care enough and make time to do the program,” Jones said.

So, what Jones is saying is that if you’re pro-gun, thoughts and prayers don’t even begin to help, but if you’re anti-2A, then pointless, wasteful, useless programs are worthwhile and helpful because they show people that you “care” (as if thoughts and prayers don’t).

Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.


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