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Anti-2A People Are About To Be SHOCKED When This Happens

Anti-2A People Are About To Be SHOCKED When This Happens

One of the weird things about human nature is that even people with absolutely idiotic viewpoints think that their point of view is so obviously right that everyone should agree with them.

You’ve seen it when you’re talking with your anti-2A cousin-in-law twice removed when you explain that gun control laws don’t prevent crime because criminals don’t obey laws (not even gun laws), so, obviously, criminals don’t follow gun control laws. It’s not a hard concept.

But, apparently, it’s hard for them to understand.

The problem with this whole situation is that the people pushing to strip you and me of our gun rights keep pushing for more and more gun control thinking that, by doing the same thing over and over, we’re suddenly going to agree with them.

But we aren’t, and unlike people on that end of the political spectrum, we don’t tend to have “mostly peaceful” protests when we don’t get our way. In fact, all we really want is for the government and busybodies (such as anti-2A people) to mind their own business and leave us alone to live our lives.

So, what happens when the foolish keep pushing the ones who just want to be left alone? Tom Knighton has an idea of what will happen. Knighton writes,

Time and time again, we [gun owners] played nice. We gave a little ground so that we would seem reasonable. Now we have background checks when we go to buy a gun and we’re told that simply isn’t enough.

Well, you know what? We’re done being “reasonable.”

We’re finished with it because none of this is reasonable. No one wants to stamp out advocacy for communism, despite all the unmitigated evil that philosophy has illustrated and the untold suffering it has dropped on the human race, all because free speech matters. Yet we’re supposed to step aside and allow our right to keep and bear arms to be ripped to shreds in the name of appearing reasonable?

This from someone who still equates the Second Amendment to muskets?

Knighton is right. I don’t advocate violence except in the most dire situation, and, then, only for self-protection. At some point, though, anti-2A people are going to be shocked to find that legal gun owners, who have always been nice, polite, and reasonable people will no longer cooperate and will no longer pretend to, either.

The fact of the matter is that now is the time to stand up to anti-2A zealots because those zealots live in a fantasy world, and if anti-2A people get their way, a lot more innocent people are going to die at the hands of criminals and power-hungry governments.

Now, is the time to stand.


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