If Sig Fans Had A Single-Action Hammer-Fired 9mm 1911, This Could Be It

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One way to know that you have “arrived,” that you’re a member of the pantheon of greats in an industry is when other people try to adapt what you’ve done. Some would call that being a knock-off (and there is such a thing as blatant copying), but if what you’re doing builds on what others have done right, I would argue that is a sign of respect.

In the firearms world, for example, you have classic firearms such as the Walther P99 which some popular pistol models are accused of being a clone of. Another popular design, the one that we’re going to talk about today, is the 1911. With modifications, though, the kind that may make Sig Sauer fans proud.

See, one manufacturer took many of the features of the 1911 that continue to make it a popular pistol design, but they modified a few things which will excite many firearms enthusiasts. Joe Kurtenbach writes,

In both appearance and design, the Oracle Arms 2311 9mm pistol is a mashup between a hammer-fired double-stack 1911 and one of SIG Sauer’s polymer-frame striker-fired guns. It is a single-action hammer gun that marries a modular grip – expect polymer and alloy options – to a metal frame and slide assembly. It features an ambidextrous manual thumb safety but does away with the 1911’s grip safety. Also, following modern trends, the gun will ship with high-visibility, tritium-powered iron sights, but the company is also developing mounting plates for popular red-dot optics.

Unique to the 2311 is its use of SIG P320 double-stack 9mm magazines. Historically, STI-pattern magazines have been less than reliable, and also prohibitively expensive. In recent years, Staccato has solved the former concern, if not the latter. By using a proven, affordable and readily available magazine, Oracle avoids the issues altogether.

That’s right, a cross between the popular Sig Sauer P320 and a 1911.

Will it be for everyone? Obviously, no. For example, many people who favor the micro-compact designs won’t want a pistol as large as a 1911, but for many people, the Oracle Arms 2311 will be a welcome addition to their cache of firearms.

If that is you, then, this may be a pistol to look into.

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