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Anti-Gun Brain Fart? – Prepared Gun Owners

Anti-Gun Brain Fart? – Prepared Gun Owners

One of the basic ideas behind gun control laws is the thought that governments and government officials will be able to keep track of all of the firearms that are out in society. Supporters of gun control believe that the government, which is run by fallible people, will be able to be omniscient and always able to know where a firearm is.

Of course, that’s nonsense. Just look at any anti-2A “paradise” like Chicago or Baltimore or huge parts of California.

But some folks may argue that those areas are big, and that it’s hard to keep track of so many small firearms (because they aren’t very big compared to, say, cars, or other things) in such a big area. To which I would answer, “You’re just proving my point that governments can’t keep track of all firearms.”

But let’s be nice and see if they can keep track of guns in an area much smaller than a large city or state. How about in a school? An elementary school. Just one grade. Even one class. Even one six year old’s backpack. Can government officials track guns that six year olds carry into the school in their backpacks?

You decide after reading this story. Lorenz Duchamps writes,

An official at the Virginia school where a 6-year-old student brought a 9mm pistol in a backpack and allegedly shot his teacher suspected the child possessed a firearm before the shooting transpired, but the official failed to find it in a search, according to a superintendent.

Duchamps continues:

On Friday, the superintendent’s comments were confirmed by Michelle Price, a spokesperson for the school district.

“The superintendent has shared that the student’s backpack was searched and nothing was found at the time,” Price told The Associated Press, noting that she was not told where school administrators suspect the pistol was hidden at the time the backpack was searched.

That’s right, a six year old brought a gun to school in their backpack which was searched, but the school personnel didn’t find the gun, so, that kid was able to shoot a teacher.

If school personnel (who are government officials, by the way) can’t find a gun that a six year old carried on their person to school, how much of an anti-gun brain fart does a person have to have to believe that governments can prevent gun violence with gun control laws?

It’s, quite literally, delusional to think that governments have the ability to do that. They can’t, and that’s why gun control fails time and time again when put into place for the “purpose” of preventing gun violence.


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